Special Feature: Small Business Lenders Funding Tens of Thousands of Tech Companies

Credibly is a financial technology company that has been providing funding to tech startups for many years. The company’s mission is to make it easy for startups to access the capital they need to grow and succeed.

Financing Options for Small Businesses

One of the key ways that Credibly has been able to achieve this is by offering a wide range of financing options. This includes everything from traditional term loans and lines of credit, to more specialized solutions like revenue-based financing and equipment leasing. 

This allows small businesses to choose the option that best fits their needs, and helps them to get the funding they need quickly and easily.

In-House Financing Experts

In addition to offering a wide range of financing options, Credibly also has a team of experienced lending experts who are dedicated to helping tech startups and small businesses succeed. These experts work closely with each business to understand their unique needs and challenges, and to develop a customized financing plan that will help them to achieve their goals.

Financing Most Types of Small Businesses 

One of the key benefits of working with Credibly is that the company is able to provide funding to tech businesses at most stages of growth. This means that whether a small tech company is just starting out and relatively small, or is a more established company that is looking to expand and grow, Credibly can help.

Receive Funds in Just a Few Days

Another benefit of working with Credibly is that the company is able to provide funding quickly. In many cases, Credibly is able to provide funding to tech businesses within just a few days of receiving their application. This quick turnaround time is crucial for small tech businesses, as it allows them to access the capital they need to move forward with their plans without delay.

Not Just a Lender, a Financing Partner

In conclusion, Credibly is a financial technology company that has been providing funding to tech businesses for many years. The company’s wide range of financing options, experienced lending team, and quick turnaround time make it a valuable partner for tech startups looking to grow and succeed.


Succeeding In the Software Consulting Business In 2016

The software consulting industry has been flourishing in the last few years. That said, there are many startups that have failed to stay afloat long enough to turn a profit. If you are starting out in this industry, you must understand that failure to structure your business model to focus on improving your clients’ productivity and efficiency at their enterprises will make your consulting business to crumble. As you seek ways to make headway in this industry, prioritize the need to offer excellent solutions in the shortest possible time.

software consulting business

Look around you and identify the best custom software consulting firms today. You are likely to notice a pattern that leads these firms into the success path time and again. However, the challenge for most entrepreneurs entering this market is that the successful firms will never share their business secrets with you. The good news is that the formula for success is not as hidden as you may think. There is a specific Custom software development process followed which is more or less similar across all the software development firms as their objective remains the same.

These successful firms follow strict performance regimens that keeps them shining at the top while other firms dwell in perpetual struggle. Nonetheless, implementing these success principles is not a reserve for the firms at the top. With enough determination and a commitment to pursuing excellence, your firm can also become of the top consulting firms in your locality. Here are two principles that the top consulting companies have mastered over time.

Excellent hires

You will not find a single software consulting firms that has consistently been successful without a tradition of finding the best employees and contractors. These consulting companies know that to stay ahead of their competition, they cannot afford to compromise the quality of the people who work for them. Moreover, these firms go out of their way to find experts with many years of experience and who have an enviable work ethic.

Furthermore, business executives in these companies know that while some departments are not very critical in determining the profits the company records, others must have the best minds working around the clock. For this reason, these companies invest in hiring the best developers. You cannot have a software consulting business without developers. It, therefore, makes perfect sense that these firms would invest a lot of resources in getting developers that know how to create solutions that make sure the company retains its position as a market leader.

Newest tech

There is no industry in the world today that changes as fast as the tech industry. Software consulting firms that value the place of tech in the software consulting business are always a level higher than those that don’t value technology. While many consulting companies may claim to value technology, you can tell just how much value they have placed on technology by looking at their resource allocation across various projects and departments. If the resources they have allocated technological innovations are insignificant, it means they do not appreciate the difference new technologies can make for them and their clients.

To stand out in an increasingly crowded consulting industry, you must embrace new technologies. As a matter of fact, you must be the first to know and start experimenting on new technologies as soon as they hit the market. Through this approach, you can become a market leader who informs everyone else in the industry about the new technologies and how to use them to increase productivity. If your firm can afford it, you can set up an innovations department with the sole purpose of identifying new tech and finding ways of incorporating it into your business process if doing so will have a positive impact on the company.